Scott participates on the panel of the Chelsea Lately show on E!.
This a recent example of Scott performing Stand-up Comedy..
Here’s another example of Scott performing stand-up comedy.
“The Wrightnows” is a commercial campaign for Netflix where Scott performed the voice-over.
This is the trailer for “Thirftstore Cowboy,” a feature length film where Scott performed as an actor.
This is a commercial campaign for Michelob Ultra Amber where Scott performed the voice-over.
@scotthenryjoke Terrific show last night man! Signed, the big guy from Wisconsin with the backwards hat and cut off shirt.
65 months ago
RT @scotthenryjoke: Come check me out at zanies in Rosemont this week. (Just outside Chicago.) Wed - Sat
65 months ago
@RandyPedersen1 See you soon! And @scotthenryjoke is GREAT. Bring him back up to his hometown for the #SummerSwing :)
65 months ago
@scotthenryjoke I will, I'll he the guy in the back laughing hysterically
65 months ago
Come see the hilarous @scotthenryjoke at Zanies in Rosemont this week. I'll be there too. Tonight through Sat
66 months ago
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